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Post  Admin on Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:43 am

You have just acquired a garden. If it is a wasteland field, you will have to create. If it is abandoned, then you have to responder a route already exists. In all cases, take the time to look carefully place.
Observe the vegetation in your are a and gardens around to determine the nature of your field.
Taking cues:
From every corner of the ground, contemplate the panorama. You appear necessary to highlight certain portions of the landscape or, conversely, to conceal unsightly buildings. In going through your garden, in all weathers, you detect the spaces impassable runoff intempestis during bad weather. You may have to look good drainage. Note the places where the earth cracks in the summer and is a sign that an amendment is necessary. Then look natural flora. The "weeds" will reveal many things about quality of your soil.
Go round the fences, whether natural or artificial, and considering consolidating or supplemented if necessary. Identify Heritage plant that seems viable: Hurdles, beautiful old trees, shrubs group, and so on.
Either way, think carefully before converting a part of the garden. Maybe you can maintain existing structures -pergola, gangway, paving-before you embark on major?
Do not just observe your own garden. If you establish yourself in the region, grasp every opportunity to stroll around and glean some ideas.


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