The arches, arbors and pergolas cradles flower

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The arches, arbors and pergolas cradles flower Empty The arches, arbors and pergolas cradles flower

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The ideal dimensions:
- For arches and pergolas, are planning a width of passage 2m between the uprights. In general rules, the horizontal elements are set at 2.20 and 2.50m in height to facilitate the transition, taking into account the vegetation.
- For a pergola, spacing arches 2.50 to 3m depending on the effect and the length desired.
What material to choose?
Elements ready to mount are available in all major DIY, garden centers and specialty stores. The materials are varied. The wood is used to create structures rather rustic. The Northern pine or red cedar, processed in an autoclave, to ensure all a long life and trouble-free support the weight of vines growing rapidly. The metal, more ouvragé, is best suited to romantic gardens. Unless it is painted, it will patina with age. The newer models, which amount to a sleight of hand, are composed of metal tubes sheathed with plastic or nylon. Their aesthetic is sometimes questionable and their longevity least, we must remember that we can be fairly easily arches plant with native plants as docile charm (carpinus betulus).
Building cheaply:
If you live in the countryside, it is easily obtained sections of branches or trunks to build tailor all kinds of constructions. Choose durable species such as acacia, oak or chestnut. Treat carbonization by the party intended to be buried in the past few minutes to fire. Climb all with large nails galvanized taking care to crush their prior peak so that the wood does crack. The imagination of everyone will do the rest, especially if we know wielding soldering iron.
Precautions mounting:
It is at the time of installation of the elements that it is advisable to take the most precautions, because a good anchoring in the ground is essential. Moreover, wood rots quickly in contact with the wet ground. In movable ground and in the absence of stones, one can use as supports of the special iron posts which one inserts in the ground until 60cm of depth or which one fixes on a concrete stud using zinc coated steel fittings. The iron structures are card-indexed directly out of ground or are rivetted with a sole of concrete thanks to mounting feet the proof rust.
A successful preparing:The elegance of a simple arch or is magnified by planting vines decorative foliage or festoons of colored and fragrant flowers. But some can quickly become invasive; therefore it is better to install them on the biggest media: arbors or pergolas.


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