Climate and microclimate

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Climate and microclimate Empty Climate and microclimate

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:44 am

The climate of a region obviously determines the choice of plants, and even when the style of the garden should be adopted.
The climate of a zone is relatively broad scope is rather difficult to comprehend; microclimate prevailing in a garden are much less. Climatic conditions depend on the sunshine, wind, rain, cold, characteristics of a region.
But they are also influenced, to a lesser extent, by the geographical (located on the hillside, deep in a valley, near a riverů), and a tiny scale, by the presence of hurdles, first trees, wood, walls of buildings. These are all important parameters but difficult to estimate at the outset, as they influence each other. It is only through observation and experience that you can take advantage of all the parts of your garden: Lay against a wall sunny plants weakest; install your corner resting under the shade of a light great tree; sparsely settled on a slope, create a superb rocků at one time or another, you are definitely trying to grow plants adapted to the climate. Only a good understanding, intimate, the garden will bring the hoped-for success.


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