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Post  Admin on Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:46 am

Before embarking on anything for housekeeping or planting your garden, it is essential to know what are the characteristics of the soil in which it is made.
This knowledge lets you effectively define:
- The means to be used to correct defects will be to make it a "good" land.
- The plant species that have the maximum chances of success and those that naturally except fireworks expensive, u can not prosper.
At both plants and support "pantry" in which rooted an important part of the food plants, the soil is a very complex nutrients, organic matter in the process of decomposition of living organisms and .
To stir the minimum possible land, the excavation "on the stairs."
Having evened the wall with the edge of the spade, you can easily stand out thanks to their differences in color and texture, the presence of two or more layers that geologists call 'horizons. "


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