Principal species the graminaceous ones used

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Principal species the graminaceous ones used Empty Principal species the graminaceous ones used

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The principal species the graminaceous ones used for sowings of lawns of gardens or sports grounds are:
The perennial ryegrass
The red tracer fescues, 1 / 2 tracer or grass
The tall fescue
The Bluegrass meadows
The bentgrasses
These species were selected primarily on the ability to make dense and covered perennial. Based on natural qualities of wildlife, these parents were subsequently improved to better resist trampling, to be less susceptible to disease, to form a cover over end, denser or less pushing.
For completeness, it must be said that a turf remains never in the condition in which it was planted and it is normal, like all circles it evolves, grass species made with the grass compete with the local wildlife (often described as weeds, in spite of aesthetic interest, and sometimes Agronomy certain medicinal ...).
With climate change underway, species specific to tropical regions to supplement the list of traditional varieties like the grass kikuyu, from Central Africa, increasingly used in the south of France for the quality of adaptation to the drought.


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