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Mowing selects the rare plants resistant to repeated injuries it induces.
But disposal of products cutting eventually deplete poor soils, dry and fragile.
The cup is made of grass with a lawn mower, but his interview may require other tools:
the edge cutter or the shears, to polish the work of the mower in the difficult places of access or around the plantations,
the roller, mainly during the installation of the lawn and also at the time it sowing for making well adhere seeds on the ground.
the rake or the lawn rake, to withdraw the dead sheets for example,
the scarifier or extractor fan, to air the ground.
In areas where the rain is not enough, the grass needs some spraying if we want to maintain the good green, and imperative in the first year after planting for a good rooting.
Using anti-mousses or selective herbicides (although not recommendable from an ecological point of view) can be removed for a while plants deemed undesirable by some owners, such as clover, dandelions, crabgrass , chicory, oxalide, lupulin, ground ivy, plantain, grass has lice, the grass and other chip gerbera ...
The foam can be treated by aeration of the soil and sweeps with a rake.


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