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Flowers of the garden Empty Flowers of the garden

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The flowers are present in almost all the gardens. They bring freshness, sometimes by their forms curious and their colors violent one a certain note about exoticism.
The diversity of the species, the extent of the range of the colors, the spreading out of flowerings during the year and the adaptation to multiple situations make it possible each one to find the plants which are appropriate best for the ground, the exposure, the sought-after goal.
Their multiplication is done by seeds, rhizomes or bulbs and division of tufts. According to the cycles of vegetation, we will distinguish the plants annual, bi-annual, long-lived and bulbous. We will limit ourselves to the species or varieties whose major one bets culture and flowering take place with, outside.
Spring is planted in the autumn
The generalization of the containers and the cultures out of cups thus, why to hide it, that the intrusion of marketing in the sector of the gardening, result more and more in planting at any period of the year. The “accessory” nursery gardeners exploit the purchase of impulse: by seeing a plant flowered in the alleys, how to resist to take it at the time? It is however with the autumn that one must prepare spring; here some ideas…
Not by passeism. In autumn, the still positive temperatures which decrease gradually, moisture generally present, make it possible the plants effectively to be fixed. Perhaps some will not spend the winter, if it is rigorous. The others, on the other hand, will be much stronger in spring, ready to develop quickly, to flower more liberally, and to resist a dry summer thereafter without you being hung with their foot a watering-can with the hand.
The spring purchases should not be banished: they make it possible to buy precisely certain plants. But they would have rather to be held for small complements.
Carpets of flowers early- Muscaris (muscari armeniacum): between January and April. To plant in quantity out of ground or flower stand. Reproduce easily
- Reticulated iris (iris reticulata): February/March. To place at a shone upon place, in a well drained ground. Caution! Nothing to see with “the large” irises. Those do not exceed 15 cm!
- Chionodoxa (chionodoxa lucilliae): February/March. One starts to rather easily find them with the other bulbs of autumn in garden-center. A small very gracious mauve star flower, with a score of cm of the ground.
- Crocus “Ruby Giant”: as of February. Among earliest of the crocuses. Colonize easily. Opens out as of the first rays of the sun!


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