Agenda of the work of garden (January)

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Agenda of the work of garden (January) Empty Agenda of the work of garden (January)

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At garden ornament
Herbaceous plants
- Clean the rockery fallen leaves to prevent suffocation of the plants persistent.
- Remove the stems and branches wilted, clean bedding avoiding trampling bulbs barely emerging.
- Plant perennials, especially those with summer flowering ornamental foliage falls.
Seasonal Plants
- Sow hot annual plants not hardy and slow-growing, pelargoniums, begonias, heliotropes…
Bulbous plants
- Protect bulbs of the voracity of rodents in burying them with a few grains poisoned.
Trees, shrubs, conifers
- Plant deciduous tree in the mound or bare root, outside of gel.
- Protect from cold winds young plantations persistent with a canvas.
- Remove dead wood and set them on fire.
- Make falling snow accumulated on the branches of pine trees and camellias to prevent fractures and burns.
- In the case of a particularly dry winter, watering plants with foliage that continue to grow, especially those so-called "land of heather."
Rose trees
- Plant, excluding spring thaw.
- Start the sizes of varieties.
The vines
- Protect plants fragile cold.
- Clean and simplify the antlers of vines by removing the oldest branches and dead stems.
- Plant hedges plant foliage falls outside the thaw.
The watershed
- Put on the surface of the water a fagot, a bottle of mineral water or an empty balloon, which once removed when it freezes, creating a hole essential to fish for mending. If the ice forms a thick crust, punch there with a box filled with water retains heat.
- Separate visually contours of the basin to avoid walking on the ice unwisely fragile.
The lawn
- Avoid walking on a snowy lawn or jelly to avoid damaging the grass.
- Remove dead leaves residual.
In the vegetable garden and orchard
The vegetable garden
- Schedule quietly crop rotation on the plots.
- Plant rhubarb when time allows.
- Amend the field (input of organic matter, possibly coarse sand). lime if necessary.
- Sub-chassis heated start planting carrots, turnips, radishes and lettuce first.
- Plant garlic, onion and shallot in well-drained.
The orchard
- Spray treatment winter antlers on the tree to kill larvae of pests and reduce the appearance of mosses and lichens on the trunks. Protect during treatment ornamentals beneath these fruit to avoid any damage to their leaves.
- Start sizes.
- Check the links of trellising and strength of the guardians.
- Apply a fertilizer rich in potash at the foot of berries.
- Prune everbearing raspberries.
Around and in the house
Plants of interior
- Get plants of the light sources, but not too close to the glass.
- Keep watering.
- Put humidification or bathe plants foliage smooth.
Greenhouses, chassis and verandahs
- Add hot chrysanthemums waterfalls.
- Ventilate when time permits, the chassis containing plants that winter pots and scented.
- Monitor the health status of plants semi- rustic that winter and water to a minimum.
- Clean the glass to ensure a better insolation.
- Set-glazing on the plastic bubble for limiting the effects of the cold.
- Clean, cleanse the earthen pots or plastic, the flat of seedlings, with a solution of household bleach.
- Make cuttings root cold pot.
- Cold frame Sow the seeds of perennial plants that require vernalization.
Terraces and balconies
- Plant heather winter, skimmias, thoughts and hellebores for an immediate decor.
- If necessary water , in case of dry winter.


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