Agenda of the work of garden (May)

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Agenda of the work of garden (May)

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In the vegetable garden and orchard
The vegetable garden
- Remove the strawberry runners and branches delicates of raspberries.
- Plant potatoes, tomatoes, celery, eggplants, peppers, peppers, melons… protect these crops by hilling or with a film of frost protection in the event late.
- Sow zucchini, green beans, Swiss chard, beets, carrots, red cabbage, turnips,…
- Sow hot zucchini, cucumbers and various… cucurbits or place them directly into compost.
- Sow condiments and aromatic plants.
- Divide mint and thyme.
- Earth up potatoes.
- Set up at the oars beans and cucurbits climbers.
The orchard
- Thin fruit bunches too dense.
- Treat against diseases and pests.
Around and in the house
Plants of interior
- Remove plants called "orangery."
- Water and make the fertilizer regularly.
- Pinch plants strongest.
- Transplant plants too close and the greedy.
- Take away plants from too much light.
Greenhouses, chassis and verandahs
- Sow hardy perennials.
- Sow the cinerary, primroses apartment.
- Shade and water.
Terraces and balconies
- Remove the spring flowering plants and change the compost containers.
- Garnish the bins, planters and suspensions with annuals, plants or soft bulbs.
- Install a drip watering.
At garden ornament
Herbaceous plants
- Pinch perennials strongest to reduce their size and increase their flowering.
- Reduce the clumps by cutting a portion of the stems.
- Establish guardians Plant high.
- Divide perennials blooming like spring primroses, violets, bloody…
- Lower to regenerate plant clumps of rock that have already flowered.
- Prop perennials the highest.
Seasonal Plants
- Establish annual flowers.
- Install in bedding plants orangery hardened.
- Plant semis rustics.
- Start to sow the biennial plants.
- Sow hardy annuals to rapid growth.
- Plant alien.
The bulbous plants
- Plant all bulbs bloom in summer and autumn, especially the most vulnerable.
- Remove spent blooms and allow to dry foliage of spring bulbs prior to harvest and store their bulb.
Trees, shrubs, conifers
- Prune spring flowering shrubs.
- Water if necessary plants on earth heather and remove their flowers wilted.
- Plant plants proposed in containers to acclimatize.
- Layer the azaleas, golden-chain and magnolias.
- Now is the time to plant magnolias.
Rose trees
- Treat against diseases and pests.
- Remove suckers.
- Hoe bedding.
- Pinch little branched branches of the newly planted roses.
Climbing plants
- Plant species who fear the cold.
- Palissez branches lianas.
- Prune hedges of forsythias, honeysuckle.
The basin
- Plant or divide the water lilies and lotus.
- Immerse plants oxygenates and land on water floating plants.
- Remove algae and treat the water.
- Now is the time to build a pond.
The lawn
- Shear, roll and water regularly.
- Sow new lawns.
- Treat if necessary to control weeds.


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