Agenda of the work of garden (July)

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Agenda of the work of garden (July)

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At garden ornament
Herbaceous plants
- Divide the clumps of iris gardens.
Seasonal Plants
- Finish planting biennials.
- Pot the biennial sown earlier.
The bulbous plants
- Finish dig the bulbs of tulips and hyacinths and keep them out dry.
- Order bulbs blooming fall.
Rose trees
- Bring a fertilizer rich in magnesium after flowering Primary June and incorporate it ground.
- Water at the base.
- Treat against diseases and pests.
- Graft.
Climbing plants
- Layer the passion and wistarias.
- Prune stalks voluble lianas, especially wistarias, and remove fruit.
- Prune hedges beeches, boxwood, holly and charms.
- Prune also conifers.
The basin
- Add water to compensate for evaporation.
- Limit the growth of plants oxygenates.
- Remove lenses algae and possibly treat troubled waters.
The lawn
- Shear and roll regularly.
- Water twice a week to get a beautiful green carpet.
In the vegetable garden and orchard
The vegetable garden
- Harvest and drying garlic, onions and shallots.
- Prop and squeeze the tomatoes, eggplants and melons.
- Salvage and replant runners the most vigorous and healthy strawberry.
- Plant chicory, winter cabbage and red cabbage, turnips, broccoli and cauliflower, leeks.
The orchard
- Cut green apples, pears and grapes.
- Prop up branches of trees loaded very productive.
- Prune the cassis.
- Multiply blackberry brambles and by layering pieces of twigs.
- Treat against diseases and pests.
Around and in the house
Plants of interior
- Add the cacti and succulents.
- Leave the plants in the fresh or when it rains.
- Treat if necessary and against insects.
Greenhouses, chassis and verandahs
- Add soft plants, fuchsias.
- Air, water the ground to maintain a good degree of humidity.
Terraces and balconies
- Water and bring the liquid fertilizer every week.
- Scratch the surface of the earth containers.


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