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The slopes and uneven that one finds in certain gardens offer to the creative spirits of many possibilities of paysagism. Flowered edges, paths in fine gravels or turfed, stone steps, the garden then takes very an other face. If work proves to be important (earthwork, masonry.), preferably entrust them to a company of adjustment of green areas or construction.
The depth and the number of steps depend on the slope to climb. The undulating grounds can accommodate revolving staircases. In general, to climb pleasant of way, it is necessary to count a depth of walk of approximately 35 cm. This measurement should not be lower than 30 cm. The choice of material depends of course on the style of your house. The brick, the stone of size or river, the rollers, the marble, the concrete, the opus-incertum and even wood, choose also materials according to their resistance to moisture, wear and the shocks.
When this first choice is made, draw your future staircase. Plant stakes to determine the site of the steps. Dig then the steps according to your measurements. Start by solidifying the base of the staircase, either with packed sand, or with a concrete bed run on a ballast. If your staircase is out of cement and stones or bricks, start by cementing a first brick line or stones on which you will pose walk. Pack ballast behind this first line, recover the whole of a bed of mortar and pose the flagstone of walk over. Well progressively check the level of each walk.
When the staircase is finished, it will remain you to decorate the accesses with the steps with grass and plantations. However take care not to plant vegetation too much invading which would extend on the steps. If the staircase is out of stone or out of concrete, regularly clean it with bleach or a fungicidal treatment, so that it does not slip.


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