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the treatment of the fences requires a very particular care (style, materials, vegetation, height), more especially as they constitute the visible part and, often, the least best treated of a built unit.
The aspect and the character of the fences depend primarily on natural environment and frame. High walls of the centers of village to the simple hedges which surround the isolated buildings, the design can be very varied. A fence is determined by the interests of cohesion with the other fences in the same sector and the various functions we want to give it transparency, concealment, breaking wind, decor and appearance, odor and fruitů
Traditional fences:
Since they are of architectural and aesthetic or participate in the cohesion
A sector, fences old deserve to be rehabilitated or replaced at the same.
Mineral fences:
In the hearts of boroughs or villages, these fences affirm the built continuity of the street by the maintenance of alignment. They consist of blank walls out of stones rejointed (grinding and sandstone mainly) or coated like the frontages with construction. A hood built or in tiles crowns the walls.
Vegetable fences:
Free or cut hedges, hedges of the woodlands or pastoral, doubled or not by nettings, they delimit pieces located in hamlets or at the periphery of the villages.
Mixed fences:
They are partly made up of hedges and walls or a wall sideboard surmounted by a grid, a palisade out of wooden, or a netting.


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