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A. Functional Lighting:
Of what does it act? Low lanterns (70 to 120 cm), with a beam of light preferably directed to the bottom mural brackets (embedded or not; can be embedded only so of the sheaths are built during carcass work)
Spots to be planted: light to the top and diffuse a beam of light well distributed; some point slightly upwards, while others are completely flat; these spots should always light an object placed some share.
Of the lighting which will enable you to have the evening a vision almost as good as during the day in a preoccupation of safety and a facility.
B. Ambient Light
Of what does it act? To emphasize certain elements of garden (trees, plants, ornamentations, etc), so as to also emphasize some the beauty once the come evening
Often directional spots; are inserted in the ground using a pin and can be directed according to your desires (certainly interesting to low light plants or a floor of flowers)
Spots planting (planted at ground level and the lighting is less visible)
C. Halogen Light
Produces a very strong light
Could be interesting as a deterrent (in combination with a detector)
But is not pleasant and not conducive to relations with the neighbors
Materials for the lighting:
Cheap, but less resistant (becomes fragile and can bear)
B. Aluminum
Not cheap, but very good, a layer of polyester varnish is better than a layer of epoxy


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