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Type of spades: digs punt; made of a sufficiently thin and solid flat slicing. The iron of spade has a variable height according to the envisaged uses.
Fork spade; the iron spade is replaced by teeth (from 3 to 5, 4 teeth being the normal spade). It is useful in land sticky clay (heavy land).
peat spade (orthography to be checked) is a special spade with long iron of spade which makes it possible to slice ground and roots with a depth more important than the spade. The peat spade is used by the nursery gardeners to tear off trees and shrubs in seedbed.
It is necessary to place back on the surface to be dug:
Push the spade of any pressing his body with his foot on the top of the iron spade (Part shovel) when the iron is pressed, it is necessary to swing the stick back to the ground. Then the mound in the spade is returned so that the land below is the top and vice versa.
After making an initial ranking, we must go back one step and begin a new subordinate, and so on.


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