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The hedge clippers is a tool for motorized gardening being used to cut the hedges, both for their formation their maintenance. The engine can be electric or thermal. The electric hedge clippers lighter and more handy and are generally used by the private individuals, the models with gasoline being rather reserved for the horticultural companies.
A hedge clippers is equipped with a bar of cut including/understanding a mobile blade equipped with trapezoidal and animated teeth of a very fast reciprocating motion. The blade is sharpened using a laser or of a diamond.
It is a dangerous tool, normally provided with safety devices prohibiting its employment if the two hands are not posed on the handles. A safety device allows the dead halt of the engine as soon as one of taken is slackened, by thus removing the risks due to the inertia of the movement of the blade.
It facilitates the task compared to the manual shears still used for certain work of less width or more delicate (size of the boxwood).


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