Maintenance of the rose trees in spring

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Maintenance of the rose trees in spring Empty Maintenance of the rose trees in spring

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In spring, the rose trees leave vigorously their sleep and quickly gratify us of their generous flowering. In addition to the size, a minimum of care is necessary if you wish to benefit a long time from this charming company. Small crib…
Provision of fertilizer
To achieve preferably in the early spring, before the great restart vegetation. Bring a fertilizer rich in magnesium (sold in the trade as the fertilizer roses) at the base of your roses. Apply a small amount of powder, and scratch with the appropriate tool to mix with the earth.
If you have not already done this work in May, it is never too late to do!
Mulch the ground with the foot of the rose trees with compost “house” (waste of shearing for example), cocoa scrap (Mulcao), of the manure resulting from mushroom bed, spangle of flax or of the straw.
No the bark of pine: they do not like that.
Treat on suspicion against the parasites and the diseases:
- Powdery mildew: treatment or total sulfur powder to dilute,
- Aphids: ladybugs in biological warfare or the anti plant louses sprays.
Gangly rose tree
You can pinch or prune the stems of roses branched little to restore them a beautiful silhouette. Do not worry, new stems will appear even if the season is under way. Attention! Are you nuts thus a part of flowering.
Remove suckers, those who take birth shoots below the point of transplant, and grow at the expense of the subject transplant.
n May, nurseries usually subjects in bloom. What a pleasure then to choose choices topics that will brighten your garden, a corner of the wall or terrace.
Obviously, the best time to plant roses rose. 2 options:
- You are patient (e) and you notice a piece of paper the name of the variety that you liked, for the purchase later in winter,
- You plant these roses offered in containers or mound of peat moss.
In this second case, we must pay careful attention to watering, as the shrub will not have time to establish roots before large heat, prolonged drought could be fatal.


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