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Size of the rose trees Empty Size of the rose trees

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Appropriate time
The principal size of the rose trees takes place at the exit of the winter, in February or March according to the areas, when the strong frosts passed. Of course, it is not an absolute rule, it is possible to operate later, until April. Only one rule: to avoid the days of freezing.
It should be noted that the not-tonics are cut at once after the end of their flowering, in August.
Useful tips
A council which applies to all the sizes: operate by holding the shears so that the blade is side of remaining wood, whereas the counter-blade crushes the branch which falls. This allows a clearer cut, which will heal better. In addition, be sure to disinfect your cutting tools before use; it is a major vector in the transfer of diseases ...
And then, for some strong branches (including climbing rose, the frame becomes woody), do not hesitate to use the shears with two hands (or branch crosses), which make it possible to exert more force with a less effort.
Cut standard roses and bush
The goal is to retain some main branches (3 to 7).
The size must reduce woody shoots and encourage seedlings.
Of course, like all sizes, we try to identify cons of the shrub, to allow the passage of light and air, guarantee healthy and beautiful flowers.
Cut climbing rose trees everbearing
Rose means carrying a rose that blooms several times a year.
This type of rose is trained against a wall. It retains without carve 5 to 6 shoots principal, which will constitute the branches carpenters.
In contrast, side shoots will folded back to 5 or 6 eyes (30 to 40cm).
It is necessary to dress the roots, which means that we will take care of the folds 20-25 cm long, and to remove the damaged parts.
Cut climbing rose trees not everbearing
In contrast to everbearers, these roses give only a single bloom.
It keeps 6 to 7 main branches, while the flap 2 eyes all lateral branches, in order to encourage the making flowers.
Note that the non- tonics cut immediately after the end of their bloom during August.
And others?
We cuts seen above that few boxes among the many options. Miniature The pinks cut ace bushes. The floor coverings did carve until several years after planting, and then only every 2 gold 3 years, depending one the flooding. Finally, the old pink should not Be systematically pruned.


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