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Post  Admin on Wed Jan 09, 2008 3:23 am

If we decide to create a kitchen garden, better is worth to choose carefully its site in order to obtain the best results with less possible constraints. Indeed, the culture of vegetables requires assiduous care. In a large garden, it is very natural to choose the place whose ground is richest and easiest to work.
The presence of bad fat such as the organic amendments and the pledge of nettles is a richness of good omen. The stony sites are unfavorable, in particular for the culture of the vegetable-roots. However Their poverty can always be corrected by significant contributions of organic amendments.
If your ground is inclined, to avoid the places where fogs and cold air accumulate. Better is thus worth to forsake the point low. To thrive all with its ease, the great majority of vegetables requires a released and quite sunny place. Protections against the cold winds are not useless, that they are walls or gasoline hedges null and void, semi - persistences or faded. In this last case, the hedge represents an excellent choice then. The creation of a microclimate makes it possible to consider the hastened cultures, with same the boards or squares of culture or on protective coverings.
In their shadow, the presence of fruit flavors of the wind is detrimental to harvest a vegetable garden. The cohabitation of vegetables and fruit trees in the same garden must therefore be well managed. In general, fruit forms cordon, espalier, or espalier against-spindle are better suited to these gardens mixed. Better, however, remove the planks fruit garden in order to avoid competition from roots and effective cross chemical treatments on these crops. One point of water is essential for the proper maintenance of a vegetable garden, be it a simple tap or well equipped with a submersible motor.


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