Agenda of the work of garden (December)

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Agenda of the work of garden (December) Empty Agenda of the work of garden (December)

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At garden ornament
Herbaceous plants
- Clean bedding and mixed-borders.
Seasonal Plants
- Finish plantations massive biennial plants.
The bulbous plants
- Watch the health status of the bulbs kept at the shelter.
- Finish planting spring flowering bulbs.
Trees, shrubs, conifers
- Protect from cold essences fragile.
- Plant deciduous trees delivered turf in containers or bare root and persistent delivered clods or containers.
- Make falling snow accumulating in the branches of camellias and conifers.
Rose trees
- Plant roses delivered in bare root.
Climbing plants
- Plant species rustic foliage event that the soil is not frozen.
- Plant shrubs foliage plants obsolete.
The basin
- Make air holes in the ice to allow the fish to breathe.
The lawn
- Clear away the lawn of dead leaves of trees and shrubs nearby.
Around and in the house
Plants of interior
- Return the bulbs to be forced inside, with the heat and the light.
Greenhouses, chassis and verandahs
- Air and heat.
- Watch for the emergence of diseases and parasites.
Terraces and balconies
- Plant bulbs or biannual, shrubs or roses in containers free of any vegetation.
- Water new plantings.
- Protect pottery fragile cold.
In the vegetable garden and orchard
The vegetable garden
Apply organic matter and prepare the ground by a garden of labor to large clods.
The orchard
- Watch for the strength of hedging facilities.
- Make a winter treatment on fruit trees for the seeds of disease, destroy insect larvae.
- Plant trees and berries if the soil is not frozen.
- Remove damaged fruit left clinging to trees, disease vectors.


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