Mock Orange- Fragrant Fast Growing shrub

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Mock Orange- Fragrant Fast Growing shrub Empty Mock Orange- Fragrant Fast Growing shrub

Post  Andrew on Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:12 am

When you hear the name of this shrub, you may expect it to be an orange plant but unfortunately it is not. And, that is what hinted by the term “mock” in its name. There is a citrusy smell for its blossoms. In the plant taxonomy, this plant is classified as Philadelphus. In Sydney building inspection conducted prior to landscaping help the people get good awareness on matters of plants to be planted. Mock orange is a plant usually used by people. They are deciduous flowering shrubs that exude a citrusy fragrance. Their leaves are light green in color and they produce white flowers in late spring or early summer. They reach a height of 8 feet and 8 feet wide at maturity. You may plant mock orange in full sun to part shade and in well drained, loamy soil. They are drought tolerant plants once established, and generally they blossom more profusely if they are planted in full sun.

In spring, mock orange plants for effective specimen plants. If you mass them along a border, they will form a loose privacy hedge for summer. Also, the flowers of these shrubs are used as cut flowers. These shrubs are rich with nectar and they make good butterfly plants. Fragrance is the major feature that attracts most of the people to this shrub. In order to maintain mock orange shrubs in a good manner, there are three kinds of pruning such as yearly pruning, rejuvenating mildly overgrown plants and drastic rejuvenation pruning.


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