Shrubs flowered at the exit of the winter

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Shrubs flowered at the exit of the winter Empty Shrubs flowered at the exit of the winter

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 09, 2008 3:14 am

There is not only the fosythia in the life! Admittedly, with its 2 with 3m and its yellow flowering sharp which resists the bad weather, it is about impossible to circumvent of spring. But of other shrubs with flowers are also to see earlier:
• Hamamelis (hamamelis weakened): very with the mode for a few years, it has been characterized by the delicate perfume from honey released by its flowers from a beautiful yellow from gold as from mid-January. Its silhouette slender will marry well with lower shrubs; still a little expensive.
• Rhododendron (rhododendron praecox): the flowering of the rhodos is spread out considerably. It is an early variety, with the pretty mauve flowers. Easy to cultivate.
• Camellia (the Camellia japonica): a great classic, companion of the precedent. To plant of course in acid ground. Very large variety of forms and colors for its flowers.
• Jasmine nudiflore (jasminum nudiflorum): not to confuse with its counterpart with white flowers! It carries yellow flowers on its long green and flexible stems. Perhaps a little “bare” if it is alone in a hedge. To plant close to a shrub with persistent foliage which will emphasize its flowering.


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