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Post  Admin on Wed Jan 09, 2008 3:19 am

It is at the price of a correct positioning of the tree in its hole at the time of the plantation that your young subject will push well with the vertical.
So that the tree preserves the vertical during its first years, one will associate a tutor to him, well right, which will be positioned between the roots.
Remain to make sure that the tutor is him positioned even well with the verticalů
For that, one will place across the hole a rule (a rule of mason, light, broad and long is ideal) or a piece of wood of weak section.
One will use the still movable ground to adjust the horizontality, whose a spirit level will attest.
Then remain to check squaring between this horizontal rule and the tutor.
These operations can seem a little heavy. They can advantageously be replaced by a plantationů with 4 hands! While one maintains the tutor in position, the other made the turn and makes sure that the vertical is held.
The tutor inserted well out of ground, one will bind the young subject with a flexible bond. The ground will be packed with the foot, by ensuring not all to waste by this last operation!


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