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A watering can is a portable container in the area sealed used to transport liquid and the pouring into a zone spot. It is mainly used in garden, which is used to manual watering plants or seedlings, but its ability to carry liquid and the pouring clearly make it an object used in other contexts (BTP, cement ... ).
A watering consists of a tank containing water or processing products ranging from 0.5 liter to the watering of plants apartment until 12 liters for use outside of a spout , an apple spray (or pear) possibly at the end of the beak (breakthrough multiple holes, it allows end watering and diffuse) and a cove generally circular shape, and to keep the subject tilt .
We must prefer a good watering, rather than several light. Let's not settle the soil, use a watering can to apple. For a sprinkling rain in more delicate, apple return by placing the hole up, face to the sky. For that water penetrates better in a packed earth, make a few holes with a stick before watering. Around trees, leaving a bowl watering at planting.
Drizzle preferably in the evening or early morning (at sunrise), in order to avoid evaporation of both costly and harmful to the plant. The water and the sun, effectively magnifying glass, burn epidermal tissues of plants. But also, plants close their stomata to reduce sweating. So watering done in the heat causes an opening of the stomata that do not close quickly enough. The plant then dies from dehydration.
To avoid destroying soil structure, not to work soil that is being watered copiously.
Rainwater is ideal for watering. We must, however, leave a few hours at room temperature. You can also use water from a tank. Never spray directly with tap water because water too cold fragile seedlings. We must let it rest for at least one night: why a simple gesture is to systematically fill watering at the end of watering.


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