Agenda of the work of garden (March)

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Agenda of the work of garden (March)

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At garden ornament
Herbaceous plants
- Protect the rockery with gravel.
- Plant hardy perennials and eventually months, those somewhat fragile.
- Divide perennials.
Seasonal Plants
- Plant biannual purchased flowers.
The bulbous plants
- Divide the clumps of snow breaks.
Trees, shrubs, conifers
- Prune hydrangeas after the big freezes.
- Plant wood delivered mound.
- Prepare the pits heath land for plantations acidophilic plants.
- Finish the size of flowering shrubs lapsed late and those decorative wood.
Rose trees
- Finish planting without delay roses delivered in bare root in dressing their roots, then plant those proposed mound.
- Finish pruning of roses everbearers, especially the modern varieties.
Climbing plants
- Continue planting subjects in pots, lump or containers.
- Apply a thick mulch at the base of the clematis.
- Plant hedges of plants have fallen or persistent, especially conifers.
- Brush fences too wide or too high.
The basin
- Repeat some of the water.
- Divide plants on the banks.
- Replace the pump and fountains.
The lawn
- The clippings Begin by setting the mower halfway and pick up grass clippings.
- Apply a product antifoam.
- Aerate the lawn or scarify if necessary.
- Then remove waste and compost.
- Sand blast if the land is clay.
- Apply fertilizer for grass, if possible slow-release, and possibly a mixed defoamers and / or selective weedkiller.
- Proceed to the veneer turf.
- Refill locations degraded with seeds.
- Start to sow the turf.
- Do the massive cuts cleanly.
In the vegetable garden and orchard
The vegetable garden
- Begin planting in the open beets, broccoli, headed cabbages, carrots, lettuce, leeks.
- Continue planting peas, radishes and beans.
- Divide aromatic and medicinal plants perennials and rhubarb.
- Plant under the protection of a tunnel potatoes first.
The orchard
- Finish sizes before the end of the month, especially fruit trees with stones, sensitive to the gum. This is the perfect time to prune the peach.
- Treat regularly against diseases and insects.
- Finish planting berries.
- Graft fruit trees with stones.
Around and in the house
Plants of interior
- Transplant plants which are cramped in their pot and proceed to the surfacing of those in huge pots.
- Gradually Increase the frequency of watering and fertilizer inputs.
- Prune the vines.
Greenhouses, chassis and verandahs
- Ventilate as soon as the weather permits.
- Put vegetation in the dahlias, tuberous begonias and cannas.
- Transplant plants orangey and clean.
- Wash, trim and activate the vegetation pelargoniums, fuchsias and other plants semi- rustic.
- Watch for the appearance of spiders red and white fly. Treat if necessary.
Terraces and balconies
- Do not plant too early to pelargoniums and annual balconies.


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